Friday, 21 July 2017

Who is Charlie Arthur Curtis?

This is a question I will never tire of answering, all of us are so proud of Charlie and what he has inspired us to achieve. 
Even when we are finding it difficult or emotional to talk about him we just remember how brave and strong he was.
When we are asked to do an interview or write about him it fills us with pride to tell them all about this incredible little boy.

Charlie always will be a very very special little boy to us, his family, but over the last 4 years he has also become special to so many others.

He is a Son, a Grandson, a Great Grandson, a Nephew, a Cousin and now a special Angel.

He was a fighter from the day he was created to the day he left us to gain his angel wings. Someone so small and vulnerable should not have to fight like he had to but he showed so much strength.

He fought against his illness with great vigour and showed his mummy what a tough little cookie he was. 
Through his show of strength he also gave her fight to keep strong and protect his life for 32 precious weeks. 
He then gave her the strength to carry on after his death and to try and help other families.

Charlie also gave the whole family strength to support his mummy through the hardest challenge in her life as well as enabling us to be able to keep going. 

We have all come through as much different people, all of us changed in different ways. 
Issues that we used to think were massive problems now pale into insignificance. When you go through a loss it puts other things into perspective and makes you reevaluate your reactions to situations.

None of us have been left untouched by Charlie's presence.

Now his fight is being felt by so many more people all across the UK and the world. Because of him there are now so many more families that are able to access the support and friendship they need to help them.

How amazing is it that such a small little boy can be making such a huge effect and making major changes all over the world. 

I want everyone to know about Charlie because I feel so proud of what he achieved and is still achieving in his memory.

Charlie Arthur Curtis, an inspiration, a motivator, a little prince.