Friday, 25 March 2016

This week has seen us secure the services of two great people for our Autumn Charity Ball.

The first is the lovely Mr Monty Burns, who has agreed to compere the evening for us. 
Monty is a 32 year old, ex-soldier, who became a stand up comedian in 2013. Despite his short time on the comedy scene he has progressed to playing the biggest clubs in the UK, including Jongleurs, Frog & Bucket, The Stand and the legendary Comedy Store.

We were lucky enough to see Monty in action at the recent Leeds Laughter Spectacular for Parkinsons UK. He was extremely funny and came across as a really nice guy. 

We are so thankful to him for agreeing to come along and compere our evening for us and feel that he will be a great addition to the night.

We have also managed to secure the services of Francesco Mattiello. 

Franco is a professional magician and will be providing close up magic at the tables throughout the evening. He will be bringing TV style magic to our charity ball. His performances are astonishing and offer top quality entertainment.

Having seen Franco perform his magic I can guarantee that you will be thoroughly enthralled in his tricks and will be left wondering what you have just seen. We are again really grateful to Franco for agreeing to come along and share his magic with us.

The Autumn Ball is shaping up to be a fantastic night with some outstanding performances throughout the evening. 
If you are thinking of purchasing a ticket please go tour website to find out how you can get yours. it will be great to see as many of you there as possible.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Last week Charlies-Angel-Centre sponsored a table at the Leeds Laughter Spectacular, raising money for Parkinsons UK, held at the Marriott Hotel, Leeds. 

This event was organised and hosted by a good friend of our charity, Mark Wilson, who is a Parkinson's sufferer himself. 

The work he must have put into arranging the evening must have been phenomenal. He finds it hard to do certain things but he has not let this stop him from achieving an amazing evening of comedy and a great fund raiser. 

Over the last 3 years Mark has also shown great support to our charity and has come along to numerous events to help us raise funds. He is truly an inspirational man and is passionate in his bid to raise funds for both our charity and Parkinson's UK.

During the fundraiser Mark allowed us to have our collection buckets on the bars to try and raise some funds for our charity, this again shows what an awesome fundraiser he is.

It was his dedication to helping both charities that made our decision to sponsor a table at the event very easy. 

Not only did we have a great night out at the event and made our sides hurt with all the laughing, but we were given advertising space on the video shown throughout the evening on a large screen. This gives us a great chance to get our charity out there to lots more families and businesses.

We are hoping to get a few more businesses interested in sponsoring a table at our Autumn Charity Ball in September. 

Attending the Leeds Laughter night showed us how important it is to get sponsors but also showed us how businesses can also benefit from being a sponsor.

Monday, 14 March 2016

It has been a while since I put this poster out so I thought I would bring it back into circulation.

We are always looking for as many ways to raise funds as possible and this one is an easy way for lots of people to get involved.

I know that people don't receive as many letters as they used to, now most messages are sent via email, but i'm sure there will be plenty of you out there that still gets the odd letter. 

We have a local company where the receptionist collects all of the letters they receive with stamps on for us. 
I usually head over to pick them up every couple of months, and she usually has at least 4 large A3 envelopes stuffed full. 

The next job, cutting all the stamps off can be a very long job, and the last time my granddaughters stayed I put their enthusiasm to help to the test. We managed to get through a full envelope of letters before they had had enough.

If you know a company that might be able to help us by saving their letters with stamps on for us please let us know, the more stamps we receive the money that converts to. 

If you have a few stamps or have regular mail please think of us when you are about to put them in the recycling bin, and send them to us.

Thank you for your help.

Monday, 7 March 2016

On Friday 4th March we went along to Leeds Rhino's home game to have a bucket collection.

It all started last year when we were looking for as many chances as we could to raise the vital funds we need to enable us to continue to support bereaved parents and families.

We are always looking for different venues and often we look for the weird and wonderful things, recently we have been looking into a fire walking event or an indoor sky dive.

When the Rhino's got back to us saying we could have a bucket collection evening we were quite excited. This was one of our first major event venues and made us realise that we have finally made it into the realm of known charities.

We have been publicising the event and getting it out to as many people as possible.

When I woke on Friday to be greeted with the sight of white snow everywhere I initially felt a little worried, thinking that the event may even be cancelled. I needn't have worried though. The adage that Yorkshire people are tough in cold weather definitely came through. 
The snow turned to rain during the day and by mid afternoon I knew we had an event.

We all met up at the Carnegie Stadium at 5pm, buckets in hands, new charity T-Shirts and Fleeces on. Altogether there were 9 adults and 3 children. 

The weather was definitely not on our side and despite being wrapped up the cold was piercing.
My granddaughters, all aged below 10 were amazing, they didn't let the weather put them off rattling their buckets and looking cute to get donations.

They enjoyed getting to have their faces painted and even got to share a pic with Ronnie the Rhino

Two of our volunteer bucket shakers, Emilie & Megan, got so cold they resorted to buying socks and gloves from the supporters club. They never gave up though, they carried on, with smiles on their faces and buckets in their hands.

Sam and Kiera were 2 more of our collectors and they to stuck at it despite the cold. They spent sometime inside where the supporters were and managed to get involved with the face painting and getting their pictures taken by Heart Yorkshire.

We finally finished our evening just before 8pm, we headed back to collect all the buckets together and count the donations.

It was great to find out that we had managed to raise £115, it always amazes us how generous people can be.

Thank you to everyone at Leeds Rhino's and all the supporters who generously donated to our cause.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Most days we are now hearing more and more positive news for the charity.

So far the plans for the Autumn Charity Ball are coming along really well and we are selling tickets at a steady rate.

We have now got a local business providing us with the evening disco. They are giving us their time for free. It means so much to us when people decide to help us out so much.

Searching for a DJ in Leeds or anywhere else in the UK? We do Wedding discos, childrens parties, corporate functions & more. Call E.W.R Events on 07470 245 104

Every time we get another company or person donate their time for free it fills us with so much happiness and makes us realise that there are some amazing people out there who are willing to help.

We also now have a friend taking part in a sponsored event, Gung Ho. It looks like an amazing event. So far she has raised over £100 and she only set up her just giving page last weekend. We will be there on the day cheering her on and providing her with drinks and first aid !!

Help Corrie raise money for this great cause.

This Friday will see us shaking our buckets at the Leeds Rhinos home game. They have been great letting us use the opportunity to go along and raise funds. We will all be wearing our new charity t shirts and fleeces and will be feeling very proud have them on. We are hoping that it will be a really successful evening and will boost our centre funds.
Please if you are there at the match please come and say hello to us.