Thursday, 27 October 2016

We have met some pretty awesome people through setting up our charity, many of which have given us both their physical, emotional and financial support for free. 

We always had the dream and drive that Charlies Angel Centre would become a world wide known charity but I don't think we ever thought that everything would happen so quickly.

When we initially looked into starting up a charity we were told by many people that it can take up to 5 years for a new charity to become known well. We even spoke to other charities who also told us how hard those first few years can be.

They were right but I think we have achieved so much in a much shorter space of time. 
Maybe it's because we are all pretty stubborn and determined and don't let things lie but whatever it is we have kept going even when things have become really tough and emotionally draining.

We are now in our 3rd year, nearly approaching our 4th, and things are just going from strength to strength.

At the start we were having to do all the contacting, phoning and ruffling feathers within the local NHS and other businesses but now we have people contacting us asking how they can help us. 

Only today we have been contacted by an MP asking for our help, rather than the other way round.

Some days when we allow ourselves to sit back and look at what we have achieved it is quite surreal. 

We now regularly attend meetings with business managers and NHS bosses and we all seem to take it in our stride, there are still a few nerves but nothing like we used to experience. 

We now feel that we are going into these meetings as equals and that we have a service that they now want to access. They also now ask us for our advice.

As we approach the last 2 months of 2016 the feeling is that 2017 is going to be a huge year for the charity. 

Not only do we think that our work with the NHS will just continue to grow but we are hopeful that our campaigning to get changes to the current provisions of bereavement support will get heard within parliament.

Our journey will continue and we really hope that you all stay with us and keep showing us the support and friendship you do now.

Charlie will definitely become the face of changes to the support bereaved parents and their families receive both in Leeds and across the UK. 

Charlie always has been and always will be a very special, brave little boy to us but now other families will be helped by his courage and his legacy will go on.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

We have attended a few memorial events since we lost Charlie and have found them a nice way of honouring Charlies memory so we have decided to host our own event this Christmas.

Memorial events are very emotional, but a great way for families to get together with other families. This can be a good way of finding support and friendship and also sharing their angels story.

Our event is being held on Thursday 15th December at 6.30pm at St Cross Church, Middleton Park Avenue, Middleton, Leeds. LS10 4HX.

During the evening the service will be led by vicar Andy Myers who had given us a lot of support over the last 3 years. 
He will be reading out the names of the babies and children we are their to remember and inviting everyone to light a candle in their memory.

There will be the opportunity for everyone to write a message or their child's name on a Christmas bauble to go on the tree that will be in the church.

There will be some craft activities for any children that come along to the event and we will also be having our annual Christmas Raffle.

If you cannot make the event you can message us with your child's details and we will light a candle for you and add their name to a bauble.

We would love to see you there but totally understand if you find it to difficult to come. Christmas time can be an emotional time for any family but when you have lost a child it can be even harder.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

This week is Baby Loss Awareness week culminating in supporters lighting a candle on October 15th at 7pm, regardless of whereabouts in the world you live. 

This will mean that if everyone lights their candles for an hour at 7pm there will be a continuous Wave of Light over the entire globe. 

Charlies-Angel-Centre is supporting this and we would like all our friends, supporters and followers to join with us in lighting a candle.

Many businesses across the world have shown their support by having lights on their buildings. 

Here in Leeds the First Direct Arena is turning blue and pink from 7pm tonight in support of the cause.

This subject is still not an easy one to talk about and this needs to change. 
1 in 5 UK families are affected in some way by baby loss and they need support and friendship to help them to cope with their situation.

No one likes to think that babies and children die but for their families it is something they have to live with on a daily basis. Knowing that there are people out there that want to help them can make a real difference to their day.

We have families contacting us on a daily basis reaching out for the support they so vitally need. 
We know how hard it is for families to take that first step and by raising the profile of baby loss we hope it can only make it a little easier for them.

It would be fantastic if the Government could see from this week how much support this issue is receiving and how many families are out there that are not currently getting the help they need. 

All it would take is for 1 or 2 MP's to take this cause under their wing and start making noises within parliament to get this issue moved up the agenda, hopefully getting a coordinated approach to bereavement support across Great Britain.

We would love it if you could send us some pictures of your lit candle so we can share them and remember your angels. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

We have had a really positive week fundraising. 

Last Saturday we went along to our local Asda, Middleton, to receive our cheque from them for being the green token scheme winner for the last quarter.

We are so grateful to all the staff and shoppers at the shop for choosing us out of the 3 good causes. The other 2 causes were equally worthy of support so for us to win means so much.
We were presented with a very big cheque, both physically and monetary. The amount given to us from the Asda Foundation was £500.

On Saturday afternoon we then went along to a local pub, near the Leeds City Football Club, to shake our buckets.

The Old Peacock on Elland Road were brilliant, they allowed us free roam of their pub and grounds to get as many of their patrons to donate some money. We met some lovely people who very very generous with their money and their time. Lots wanted to find out all about us and what we were raising funds for. 

Charlies 3 cousins, Rhiann, Amy & Mila came along with us to use their cute factor to help with the fundraising. Despite their young ages they all helped us so much. Even 2 year old Mila toddled around, bucket in hand, shaking away and saying thank you to everyone who gave. She even gave a couple of people a high five. 

In total we raised £117

I know we say it all the while but it is so true. We are blown away by the generosity of the people we come into contact with.

Thank You to everyone out there that has contributed to our cause.