Saturday, 29 July 2017

All of us have been following the heart breaking story of Charlie Gard and his family. 
It must have been the most traumatic and devastating time for him and his family made even harder by the presence of the press and court appearances.

Yesterday hearing the sad news that Charlies fight was over was so overwhelming. 
Although we are not related to him or know his family the UK and further afield have been privileged to have been allowed into their world and their fight. We have been given a glimpse into the awful reality of their situation.

We will all have our opinions on what has been happening but at the end of the day the people that mattered were Charlie and his family. They were the ones that were having to live each day with all the difficulties that entailed.

No family, in an ideal world, should ever have to go through the trauma of losing their baby or child, but to have to do this in the public eye must be overwhelming. 
I truly hope that the press now leave the family to grieve in private, to let them organise and have Charlies funeral to say their goodbyes & to try and continue to live their lives without their precious little boy.

One thing I really hope they have in place is a co-ordinated after care package to support them through the darkest times of their lives. We know how difficult it is to keep functioning even when you have support but if there is no support available it can be virtually impossible to keep going.

This is what motivated us to set up this charity and to petition the Department of Health to make changes to the current provision of bereavement support. 
If the family find it difficult to find support Charlies-Angel-Centre Foundation would definitely be there for them.

Your fight is now over Charlie, you are now free of pain and able to fly high with the other angels. You have been such a brave little boy, now its time to rest.