Tuesday, 26 May 2015

From the beginning of this year I have had a really strong feeling that 2015 was going to be a really good year for our charity.

I don't know why I felt like this but maybe it was Charlie making me feel this and letting me know that things were changing.

Well so far 2015 has been very positive for us.

We were very lucky to be nominated and then win the Radio Aire Award for Inspirational Family.

Recently we have also had more local companies show an interest in us and request our leaflets to place in there businesses.
Two local GP surgeries and a local Chemist now stock our leaflets which is a great way for us to get our charity out to families needing support.

We have also been lucky to be accepted to apply for funding from the Aviva Community Fund. If we are lucky enough to win then we could be granted up to 25.000 of funding.

A huge lift for us had to be the news that the Leeds NHS were employing a Lead Bereavement Midwife to cover the LGI and St James. 
We had the pleasure of meeting with her and feel very positive that changes are going to happen to the support families receive on discharge from hospital. 
We do think that it will soon become apparent that just 1 bereavement midwife will not be enough, but we are happy that there has been a change.
It shows us that the NHS are now taking the subject more seriously and that maybe our consistent campaigning has had an impact.

Our 2015 Family Fun Day is also coming along really well. We have had lots of companies willing to support us by donating raffle prizes and their services. It is looking to be a fantastic day both for having fun but for also raising vital funds for us.

I think that for just a normal family thrown into this journey through grief that we have achieved a phenomenal amount. 

All of us would much rather that we had never had to go through this but we truly believe that Charlie was sent to us for a reason.

Charlie's courage and strength have given us the reason to get out there and keep campaigning and fighting for improvements to the current services available.

If 2015 carries on like it has started then this year will be an amazing year for our charity and will get us much closer to opening the doors to our support centre.

Thank You all for your support so far, keep following us and letting as many people as possible know about us.