Thursday, 7 April 2016

Over the last 24 hours we have been in a discussion with our local Council offices regarding having a room there to hold our fortnightly Community Support Group meetings. 

We all think that this would be a big step forward for us and the charity and would show that we being seen as one of the main stream charities in the region.

Today we have been contacted by St Georges Centre in Middleton, Leeds to be informed that as from next Thursday 14th April we are able to hold our meetings in one of their meeting rooms. 
They have said that we can continue to use this room for as long as we require it and we can use it for free.

We are so happy and excited about this and cannot wait to start using the centre. 

St Georges Centre is quite central within Middleton and is on a good bus route as it is near the new Asda Middleton. 

We really feel that this is a huge step forward for our charity and cannot thank St Georges for their support.

Whilst we are excited about this move forward for us it is tinged with a little sadness as we will be giving up the room we currently use at St Cross Vicarage in Middleton. 

The vicar, Andy Myers, has been a great support for us and enabled us to get our Community Support Meeting up and running during 2015.
Without his support and allowing us to use the vicarage meeting room for free we would not have been able start our group and it would have delayed the support we are now giving to bereaved parents and families.

Andy has also recommended us to some of the families he has had dealings with, to come along to our meetings to start them getting the help they need.

Thank You so much for your kindness and help Andy it has meant so much to us and to the families we support.